Tuesday, May 23, 2006

so in the end i did go out with the lijiang people.

actually slept last night from 7 - 11. then woke up to do maths portfolio.. and i managed to get the gist of it last nite. slept again at 2 and so decided to go out.

haha welll the outing wasnt as exciting as we expected.. spent 2h waiting for the rest to come. first i met ryan at buona mrt, then seah at city hall. we went to macs and waited for 1 1/2h for brendan to come then we walked around and slacked and went to play pool, joined by david later on. chermaine, kunhan, mark came later on and we sat in some sushi outlet talking nonsense and of all things playing bridge.. like -.-

left around 445.. i decided to walk to esplanade to try frank brother's sole guitar. it costs 1.22k and well.. sounds and plays like a 1.22k guitar would. if onli they handled and kept it slightly better.. was quite badly scratched and had fingerprint marks spammed all over. they're ordering slightly more expensive ones.. hope they take better care of them.

reached home at 6 and... haha i wish i had stayed at home to do work.. maths portfolio.. chinese oral.. SWT.......

but then again.. ahh well.


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