Monday, May 15, 2006


so. according to roger kamien.. the margrave actually loved music and asked bach to send him some original compositions. bach sent him the concertos hoping for money or favours in return, but we dont noe whether he got any or not. poor guy. so much of a friend the margrave was. lol im getting all my facts wrong. anyways, the harpsichord solo in the 5th concerto is really powerful. imagine if it were played on piano haha.

tml is mep scholarship interview and im missing chinese and english test for it. but more importantly, my interview is immediately after yingda's!!! lol how amazing. cant wait to see him.. miss talking to him a lot. im just going to go there one hour early and talk and talk. lolol. whether we get the scholarship is another matter.. it wud be great if we cud both get it tho, lol even considering the number of strong competitors out there. but it doesnt matter.. im looking forward to seeing yingda more than the interview actually. the power of great friendships.

going for a music scholarship interview together with one of ur strongest friends of 3 years is almost like the first step of a dream of a lifetime. cant really put my friendship with yingda into words. wish us luck. ame, huimin and chris cheong too.


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