Thursday, May 18, 2006

mini dilemma.

i've been offered the pre-u scholarship!! praise God. but problems.. u can be onli in receipt of 1 scholarship. and mep scholarship results are obviously not out yet. but mep scholarship is the one i want.. not becos it offers $250 more per annum.. but cos it supports what i want later in life. so if i rejected the pre-u and later not receive the mep scholarship....... besides the point that they give around 5 mes a year (lol zi qiang says he interprets that statement as 5 per jc). anyway its in the hands of ms chock now to check with the scholarship board.. i thank God that i was just walking about randomly after english test and i happened to see her at the foyer.

hmm but what really struck me with was the conversation i had with mr brian chirnside earlier on... that if i really had to take a chance and reject the pre-u scholarship even not knowing whether i wud get the mep scholarship later on i shud.. cos its really what i want and i showed my passion during the interview. and after all whats life without taking chances.. if not mr brain chirnside wud have been stuck at 'some school in new zealand and not doing what he truly enjoys here'.

but anyway moe cant do things like that to J1 students and torture them by making them take a chance with scholarships (and money). singapore's education system surely must have a certain direction. i hope the scholarship pple call miss chock back by today lol.

more music: Brandenburg 1, 2, 3, four seasons, some copland stuff, some bizet stuff, some gershwin stuff. mann i will nvr listen finish. let alone remember.


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