Tuesday, May 30, 2006

just came back from teaching one of my guitar teacher's schools.. st anthony's canossian. had to teach cos my teacher was on reservist.

well it was just.. average. was quite tired before i went there already.. so i just made all my teaching very average with no extras or what occasional bits of nonsense i usually say during my classes in acs. also decided not to connect too much as.. after all i was just relieving for one session.

had quite a set format written out for me.. so the teaching part was quite ok i guess. quite similar to the sec 1 class at acs. did everything i was supposed to do in 2 1/2h instead of 3 so left slightly early haha.

well anyway, teaching is totally different from playing. sometimes makes me think about what my future holds. my mind is a blank now about what job options or study options there are for me after NS.. but my brain and fingers are clearly set on the upcoming exams.

yeap just some thoughts.


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