Wednesday, May 10, 2006

hello. today i'm going to do a 'blog about my day' post. lol.

today had maths test.. actually had 1h b4 that to study as well. quite ok i guess.. i think mr azmi prepared us ok for it.. just needed a heck lot of patience and stamina. thank goodness he dismissed us after the test for an early recess.

brain dead already, theres physics. but not b4 half the class (3 pple) leave for dental check up. i need to brush my teeth more. ok.

physics pracs must be the most retarded and spastic things around. so retarded and spastic its funny. today we used ball bearings rolling off a table and falling onto carbon paper to make marks on another piece of paper to calculate the velocities of who noes what. onli true geniuses can take physics HL. and do something as retard as this.

and chinese was slack.

in the past 4 years of my education, or come to think of it 7, there hasnt really been a day of school where there are onli 3 subject periods. but ib has created this. splendid.

yeap anyway came back and took a nap in the terrible heat and woke up sweating all over. yee. the heat is so terrible.

yeap i'm still recovering from the trauma of a maths test.. dunno why my whole exam mode was turned on just for it. lolol. unzombification.

tml is going to be more fun.. we're going to try to record my composition.. such an honour rite ^^

going to bintan (or batam?!) on friday morning to sunday with church friends. tts why im trying to clear as much work now as possible. yeapyeap. tts all for now cya i gtg for guit class.


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