Sunday, May 07, 2006

buargh!! i just cant bring myself to study. hai.

maybe its just me, or maybe its just me. but its been like that throughout.. as long as i can remember. i noe what i have to study.. but my brain just does not want to. i can do a million things that are educational to me as well.. practice guitar, listen to classical music (which i usually dont), read chim newspaper articles, research on mep syllabus for a levels.. everything BUT study econs and maths. like sigh. econs seems so long.. and maths seems like i cant revise finish.. but the tests are tml and wed.. so must try to pia as much as possible. i think econs shud be rather ok.. but maths has been hovering in the danger zone for this term. there are just so many holes to be filled up in my maths revision that i dun noe where to start. not to mention the countless other pieces of piling problems on my table.

well at least managed to get econs IA done ytd. hope its ok. reason im trying to rush as much stuff as possible is becos im going bintan with my church frens this friday - sunday so i wun be around (to study). yeap.

and i made a new step in my music education today!! i was at borders today and i told myself.. i must buy a guitar cd no matter what i can find.. and... I BOUGHT THE FIRST (real) GUITAR CD I NOW OWN IN MY LIFE!!! thats like such an achievement for me.. reason being a) i'm not the sort who listens to classical music b) it's time to begin life as a real musician (actually this step doesnt make it complete.. i need to go watch classical concerts -.-) c) i dun usually buy cds.

well i basically bought this cd from the utterly minute (compared to my guitar teacher's) collection of cds at borders.. cos it has 2 cds and seems to be the most value for money.. total of 2h+ of music. BUT there are some joker tracks where there is orchestral music with guitar when its supposed to be a SOLO. ahh well. its a start. a BIG start. shall treasure this cd greatly.. hopefully this is a starting point for a heck lot more to come.


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