Thursday, April 20, 2006

today was another eventful day.

had voting today.. aft tt music recording!! i was using my black guit cos i dint want to lug my hardcase to sch... so sound not as powerful. but the atmosphere and conditions were (almost) just right.. not a note perfect flawless performance.. but in terms of musicality and communication one of my best. was just A LITTLE cold in the music room.. my fingers like to be nice and warm when contact with the strings >.< maybe thats why my hand was shaking when i finished playing.

also witnessed some of the craziest mistakes pple made while playing.. and the stuff they do. lolol. vulgarities.. laughter.. u name it. and there seems to be something with the last chord of some pieces. but was quite fun to watch.

aft tt had another dismal maths test.. i so need to study maths and phys lor. mr azmi released us early so we had a 1h20min lunch.. then aft tok pc was a random discussion period with mr steven ng, cos like 2/3rds of the class was away at science quiz. found out mr steven ng was actually forced by his parents to practice music like siao when he was young.. tts y hes so pro now. also talked to us abt oep experiences. hmm i remember something he said.. that during overseas trips ur 'emotions are heightened' cos there are no more facades and it is easy to make veri gd frens or make veri gd enemies as well. also got 'romantic atmosphere'.. cos he says its easy to fall in or out of love. then he said falling in or out of love is all part of life. hahah. some stuff to think abt.

finished packing my clothes for lijiang.. but the rest of the stuff not yet. sleeping bag takes up like 1/3rd of my luggage larh. lol. and also got fears that will need to check my guitar in.. hope not. well timmy shud be more scared then me haha.. cos his guit onli has soft case. also bringing my bible along for the trip. yeapyeap.

kk tts abt it for today.. cya


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