Friday, April 07, 2006

okay okay. updates.

sch is abt as normal as ever. haha thursday was quite fun cos it was almost an utter waste of time. got cut off half way while playing the 1st mvt of the english suite by mr lee cos there wasnt enuf time. hmph. still got 2nd mvt lor. felt quite cheated cos i brought my guitar wif hardcase all the way to sch to play just for 10 minutes. played the first movement for timmy later on in class and felt a bit better. haha. and nxt time i am so going to WARM UP first before i play. my guitar teacher said i shud try playing 'cold', as in without much warm up, but ytd my fingers were literally cold from the aircon and i got disgusting sweaty palms from the heat earlier on, which really hinders your playing. urgh. take out guitar -> tune -> start playing immediately is not really the best of ideas. ah well, not the best of performances. can try some other time.

aft tt had lee suan yew speaker of the year award. and oep talk which dr ong hadnt even seen the ppt slides to. and then mr steven ng's SL 1 which he dismissed 20 mins early cos we were all stone and he was feeling stoney too.

today did sit and reach and for the first time in my life got 49cm!!! lolol. but how does sit and reach show ur physically fit? also dunno... and like it helps my napfa score alot anyway...

these few nights have not been sleeping well.. maybe its the heat? or maybe its im thinking too much. but i always think too much anyway. trying to distort my sleep patterns and reset it like i do every weekend so that my biological clock doesnt wake me up at 5:30 am every morning and then i go to sch acting like a zombie. lol.

well i guess i enjoyed this past wk. my father says to enjoy sch, but i dowan to enjoy it so much that i get overly involved with it. i always look forward to wkends where i can just relax and be alone, away from the world. and do a bit of homework.

yeap ok tts abt it. cya.


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