Wednesday, April 19, 2006


yingda and ming xuan did come to visit today!! great to see good frens whom u havent seen for a really long time. acjc hair rules i must say are like.. diao. i see that they are having a good life over there in acjc. with that fantastic timetable. lol. good that they also have a close bunch of band friends to help them along.

went for guit class just now.. learnt something veri valuable.. music as a language involves emotion. needs lots and lots of it. hahah the way i practice is that i always totally detach myself from the music to practice all the technical stuff before trying to bring out the essence of the music. wrong way to practice haha. tarrega's gran vals i played for mr choo came out like.. i was trying to say yeah WADEVA through the music. haha.

towards the end of the lesson we wanted to time how long the first 2 mvts of la catedral were.. so i started playing and he started timing. then a really strange thing happened. i played the way i wud have played the piece alone in a veri veri quiet room. then mr choo switched off the air con and u cud hear every single note loud and clear......

la catedral must be one of the most expressive guitar pieces. aft i finished playing i felt like i had just given it everything i got.. and it felt scary. seriously. haha. the power of emotion.

yeap tts abt it. WHY AM I BLOGGING?!? i havent even started packing for lijiang. lol.


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