Saturday, April 15, 2006


some updates. guitar updates haha. ATCL preparation is brisk.. wif little homework this wk (or rather little homework due). im aiming to take the exam at the end of this year. yeap. for piano, 30 minutes of repertoire is nothing.. quite okay lah rite? for me, an 8 minute piece is enuf to cramp the fingers and arm up like siao. and they want 30 minutes for guitar too. lol.

the progress is as follows: one piece completely learnt, half of it in sec 3 (recuerdos de la alhambra) and the other half (capricho arabe) of it last year. completely learnt as in 1st hit 90% and above. haha. english suite also can consider completely learnt.. but its not fool proof. then theres the 3 valses, which i learnt and tried to record for mep scholarship video.. but was so dismal that i decided to forget it and relearn it. still in the process of forgetting. fourth piece is variations on a theme by mozart titled the magic flute, written during classical period, with full of pull offs and fast crap. lol. and the last piece which im currently learning is La Catedral, also my central piece for music HL. the 1st and 2nd mvts were okay.. but the 3rd mvt is ABSOLUTELY NUTS. not even halfway into the piece i cant continue already cos my hand is too tired. the piece is like 80% barring. lol.

yeap thats for guitar. long long long way to go. nowadays when pple ask me what instrument i play.. i always say guitar. if they ask me if i can play piano.. i say no =P cos what i do with a piano cant be considered playing it. i cant even play 1 piece properly lor!! haha. my piano teacher gave me the scarlatti's sonata in d and mozart's sonata in C from grade 8 book to learn.. and its been 4 months and i still cant play properly. and i was looking through a grade 4 sight reading book just now.. and i found out i cant really sight read piano. hmph.

i cant play piano. lol. sorry if u read through all that crap just to come to this. lol. cya.


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