Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hello again. feel the sudden urge to update.. even tho i dun really have anything in mind to blog about haha.

its onli a few more days to lijiang trip!! quite excited even tho i noe i may not have optimum energy for it. leaving this saturday on a 3am flight (!!!). havent started packing either. i like my big luggage bag vertical for now.. so it doesnt occupy so much space in my room.

tml mx and yd are coming to visit?!? hahah miss both of u a lot. but we have oep briefing tml!! nvm both of u can come and sit in and go lijiang with us. LOL.

hmm the way sch is connected now is still a little weird.. u can have so many circles of friends.. but the circles dun really know each other.. seems really awkward when u have two pple from different circles around in the same place. and also a lot of the new pple i've met this year are still kinda hi-bye.. cant seem to connect as well as with the .15ers. prob cos i need lots and lots of time to develop friendships.. and also maybe becos i appreciate it most when pple come and talk to me first. yeap.

so complicated. human relations are a mystery. haha.


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