Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the adventures of weihan and chen yi

the title of this blogpost is 'the adventures of weihan and chen yi'. lol.

today rugby finals.. to cut a long story short, was supposed to have guitar class at 7:30 at guit teacher's hse@ ang moh kio. so decided to leave slightly early with lui.. say.. 6pm? for the mrt. funny thing was that the match ended five minutes later and hordes and hordes of acs pple started pouring out.. and the place, being as ulu as it can possibly be, onli has 2 buses serving it. and me and kenneth cleverly chose the later stop. after the 4th bus went past we decided to walk forward to the 'main road'.

who knew the main road was a highway. lol. so walked along this terrible bank of a canal and got our shoes all muddy.. and was abt to call weihan to tell him not to walk out when he suddenly overtook us, through the mud. (and his shoes werent dirty after trudging thru all that crap.. hmph). so 3 of us made it to the next bus stop.. and one member of our party managed to get on a 90% full bus. pissed off, me and weihan decided to continue walking on.. for another two bus stops.. finally to a bus stop which had two buses going to choa chu kang mrt.. and me retardedly still looking at my 2003 edition street directory trying to confirm if the buses went there or not when there was the route details on the board right behind us. but this kind woman at the bus stop told us that the buses did go to cck.

reached the mrt station at 7:10pm. a whole 1h 10min after i set off. reached ang moh kio at 7:50, ate dinner and arrived 45 mins late for guitar lesson at 8:15. but mr choo kindly sent me back after the lesson at 9:40 and here i am waiting for my hair to dry. nothing intrigues me like talking abt guitar with someone who knows guitar at a high level.

well at least thru all this time wasting got to talk to weihan quite a bit and hear all his weird weird comments. haha.

yeap yeap. i guess tts all.. gdnite


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