Saturday, March 11, 2006


yesterday marked the 'last' day of sch, and i also feel this week i finally managed to bond with my class, with the class outing on thursday, and also the orientation ytd (altho i ponned the wet games lol). i've finally learnt how to make frens again after spending 2 long comfortable years wif .15 nahum/noah.

pple like me confessedly dun talk a lot (waste energy lah u see) so find it a bit harder to socialise. but the trick is to slowly talk to pple person by person then u can get to know all the pple in a group or in class. just need some (or sometimes a lot) of courage thats all. also, timm's theory is that when ur class gets used to ur quietness they start to talk to u.

ironically, i've more or less loss my voice. my sore throat is sooooo bad i could hit the C 2 octaves below middle C ytd. lolol. need to rest.


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