Saturday, March 04, 2006


some updates. lately i feel i've been doing a lot of stupid things. like knocking my head while alighting off a bus on thursday. that was so -.- hahah but that happened when i was feeling really down, so perhaps it was to brighten up my day a little. and today. my guitar teacher told me about a guitar workshop at toa payoh CC on saturday (today) and that it was at 8 o clock. so after complaining twice about how badly it was scheduled, my father drove me there this morning.

like -.-

reached home at 9 and slept till 12noon. hahah got a call just now saying that the workshop was cancelled cos the guy's flight got delayed. ah well. at least i dun have to go back to toa payoh again ^^ yeap sometimes circumstances are so not in favour of us having joy. i surely dint feel too happy when i reached the CC only to find out that the workshop was in the evening. hmm but i got the see the early morning sun, which i like a lot and which i dun see a lot cos im either sleeping or in sch.

dint do much today.. finished the bulk of english long essay on Disabled, even tho steven ng hadnt gone thru it yet. had to do that cos i was too on and did swt for both dulce and anthem for doomed youth.. and i wasnt allowed to do my essay on either -.- so much for being on lol. wanted to do TOK and physics but dint have much energy left haha.

decided to look at the Triana score by Albeniz for musical investigation. hahah the more i look at it the more excited i get.. altho its so complicated. im quite sure he did not cut out a spanish flamenco scale and paste it into his piece. but theres tonnes of stuff and info i can pull out from no where, cos of his impressionistic style. :P quite happy my MI is more or less secure (i hope). okay then thats about it for now.

stuff to do during hols:
guit camp
shop for clothes. lol.


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