Friday, March 24, 2006

busking perf

busking performance..

wasnt really a busking session.. more like exhibition. left just before PE started and went to music room 2 to practice.. and decided to include a new piece to our repertoire. woohoo. on the same day of a performance hahah. left for suntec at 12 and reached there at 12:30. set up and started performing at one.

i must say their sound system is quite good. can blast the whole shopping mall. or at least the suntec tower we were in. but not many pple were watching us.. kinda quiet actually. hahah the only pple who clapped for us during the first session were some pple from other sch. what we did was we played our 20 min repertoire once, then me and my sec 3 tiencai fren filled in with solos, then played the repertoire one more time, and solo again. today must have been the day i've performed the most solo pieces mannnn. first i decided to play the whOle english suite, then at the end i played recuerdos.

after a 2h break at NYDC to do homework, the second session started. this time, due to massss speeding up, our 20 minute repertoire suddenly shortened (and hence resulting in the need to fill in wif more solos). but this time there was this really nice man who was taking pictures of us, and who clapped and smiled for us after every song even tho he was the only one clapping at times, and stayed right thru for the 1h we were playing. he asked me to play classical gas so i did, and later i played koyunbaba, and played a fusion (or rather one after the other pivoted by an Am chord) of el negrito and a bossa piece. also accepted a request by an organiser to play a chinese contemporary, so i played some improvised qing tian ^^

so at the end of the two sessions, my left hand was absolutely numb, and i tripped over a stand causing a bit of a domino wif a mike, what an unglam way to end, but at the end the photographer came over to shake my hand and thank us, and he seemed really grateful and happy. hmm and that really motivates me as a musician. for these sort of pple who i believe really know how to appreciate guitar music, or just music performance in general, i am willing to play even more, even tho the whole shopping centre may not be listening.

went to church aft tt on the mrt quite tired, but really happy. today was a day i really felt 'complete' as a musician haha.

and shane needs to learn some solo pieces too. hmph.


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