Wednesday, March 15, 2006

back from guitar camp.

its been an exhausting 2 and a half days. came back and slept for 4h this afternoon. lol. to be honest, guitar camp is really quite a waste of time. if we had practice schedules like chamber we would play much better.

but then again, guitar camps are what define the guitar orchestra. slack.

anyways, during the camp i was recording for the mep scholarship, and this is the first failure i had for a long time in terms of guitar performance. i've seriously underestimated the time and effort needed to drill a piece to perfection for performance. and maybe my standards and drilling have gone slack. i tried recording lauro's 3 valses and ended up messing up like.. one note every 2 bars. so timms was like.. change piece lah!! so i revived koyunbaba in that nite which i havent played in like.. one or two months and recorded it. lol. thats how good a piece really needs to be for me to consider it performable.. ready to be produced from the mind at 85% on the first try.

anyway its time to rethink how i practice and what i play.. diploma is like a totally different level liao.

but for now.. its time to SLEEP SOME MORE. tml will prob be doing more homework and going out for dinner wif mingz yd fattz and timms tml.


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