Monday, February 27, 2006

heyy. i just feel like blogging. cos i dun feel like doing work. lol.

was basically slacking the whole weekend. altho there was music homework haha. but music homework doesnt really seem like homework cos its more fun. went to esplanade library to do some research and managed to find the iberia score for my MI. other than that, the esplanade library is pretty useless. theres like one row of guitar cds only... and the guitar scores there are like.. from the renaissance period or something... there are also no books on spanish flamenco :( hahah but if anyone wants indian music resources.. somehow theres a lot of raga stuff there. lol.

it seems that most of my music projects im doing dun have a lot of resources. the write-up for isaac albeniz (composer of iberia) is 2 pages long, versus the 20+ pages for someone like bartok. the writeup for tarrega is even worse.. its like 4 paragraphs. and im doing on his transcriptions for my 4k word extended essay lah. lol. but how many resources do i actually need? hmm i wonder. little is known in the guitar world. in the books in singapore that is. haha.

okay just some random stuff about music. anyways, its onli 2 more weeks to the march hols (!!!) even tho its so pathetically short it means time to wake up late, and go out a bit. hahah i always like holidays a lot.. especially dec hols even tho it becomes sian after a while.. but its a gd time for reflection and a break from work. yeap.

hahah longest post in a longgg time. cya!!


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