Thursday, February 09, 2006


it's the middle of the school term and it truly feels like sch now. lol.

today was assisting my guit teacher to teach the first lesson for sec 1s. and ive got many thoughts haha. i truly truly admire my guit teacher for the way he teaches. altho he may sound a bit monotonous at times, he really makes sure he gets everything right. i basically started off the lesson by asking them to tune up the guitars before he arrived, and sorta introduced the finger numbers, parts of a guitar to them. hahah then i saw on the lesson plan: origins of the guitar (which i noe nuts abt). later on my guitar teacher told the class that the first records of a 'box with strings' was from babylon, modern iraq. hurhur.

aft tt he got all of them to introduce themselves (which i dint do haha) and check on their musical background. most of the sec 1s were like.. grade 6/7. like... dots man. i came in with grade 3 prac and theory la. tiencais. aft revising how to sit properly, i took over and started teaching them basic notes. and some of them can learn quite quickly. hmm but i need to read up more on sitting positions and hand positions.. cos i noe how it looks like.. but i dunno how to put it in words so the whole lesson i'm like.. 'like that', or 'like this'.

yupz but anyway most of teh sec 1s hu came today are super onnnn. i like :) aft i dismissed the sec 1s, i went to the orchestra 2 (guitar orch divided into two u see.. one more pro one less) and... they... played like they've onli been learning for 3 months. most of them have already been through the sec 1 course last year lah. and i realised that the guitar orch is super super super slack now. they need a teacher to be around or else they wun practice anything. even the SLs slack. they dun even sit properly and all their hand positions are wrong. and now i instinctively correct anyone whose hand position or sitting position is wrong.. so i get super pissed off when they cant even sit properly. like every single one lor. hai. i dunno lah. guitar orch needs a revolution.

anyways, tml is the release of o lvl results... i am so scared for my mep. lolol. anyways wadever the result, i noe that God has been with me and that i have done my best. yup.


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