Thursday, February 02, 2006


today sch was quite gd.. in terms of my attitude towards sch haha. i think its getting better. and school has kindly returned my nice attitude with lots and lots of homework. and almost all of them are tutorial-ish stuff.. so teacher wun really collect. gah i need to buck up my physics and maths.

also, i think i shud take every opportunity to perform seriously. todays music lesson mini recital was.. dots. hahah. performing with score is really hard when u have two other important places u want to look at (RH and LH). hahah nxt one is in term 2 wk 3 (so fast) but this stuff is quite fun.. get to see everyone's style. and now i really appreciate my guitar teacher's teaching style of constantly asking me to question the music and to take steps to become a more independent musician. yupz.

ok i guess thats abt it. gdnite.


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