Friday, February 17, 2006

8/20 for the first mep test. wow man.

today had EL A1 first test... and was really hard too!!! lolz.

gah the monotony of sch. turns u into a one liner blogger.

anyways, its raining now. actually tried to sleep just now but becos i drank green tea during lunch.. cudnt fall asleep haha. green tea is powerful stuff man. the SAC shud sell it at 50c and less pple will sleep during lessons. and just now in bed my leg cramped lah. too much lactic acid or something.. now i cant walk properly O.o

yeap anyways tts abt it. i like fridays.. cos im free to do nothing and sleep for the whole afternoon b4 i go to church in the evening. my church is currently doing a series on friday nights entitled 'heart of a fighter'.. quite interesting.. focuses on thinking styles a lot.

ok thats it for now.. bb


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