Friday, September 30, 2005

today was honours day.. it was like.. boring. 840 pple getting awards.. it has lost its touch liao. hahah i still remember when i was sec 2 and got cert of distinction.. so cool. but now.. sian.


no more sudden outbursts of sound. hurray. hahah i never felt like this towards piano b4.. last time when i was still in sec 1, 2... piano was one of the most dreaded things. but after learning how to play the guitar better, i realise piano is quite useful too. hahah tts why jus after selling my acoustic piano i cudnt take it anymore and had to buy one until it was SPOILT. but now its repaired after a duration of 5 months since it spoilt (at a cost of $180 no thanks to pianoman shop who told us that warranty was under their shop -.-) and i can go learn stuff now!!


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