Thursday, September 08, 2005

i cant take it anymore.

okay i shall (try to) leave everything that was b4 today behind me (for now).

i will:
stop comparing myself to others
plan my work properly
and carry out the work.

i only have so much time. i cannot:
1. finish 10 physics papers
2. finish all the other homework which is:
a. core maths paper
b. advanced maths paper
c. ihs
d. wait still remember got somemore
3. train my guitar to grade 8 to the end of this year
4. aim for distinction for my grade 8 (or just to get a merit)
5. study the 100+ chapters combined of physics, chem, ad maths and core maths
6. keep sane
7. keep happy
8. study mep
in these 3 weeks before the exams. i need to prioritise.

pace yourself.
stop asking people what homework have you done on msn.
stop trying to beat moli (one of my biggest mistakes)

or maybe its just human nature.

sometimes i wonder why i blog.

okay i feel much better. for now.


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