Thursday, September 01, 2005


today was teachers day holiday. i woke up at 9:30 and went for 'theory class' at holland village.. but i had forgotten wad time i arranged it so i reached arnd 10:15. and the music school was closed.. so i went shopping and left. then arnd 12 the piano teacher called me and she said she thot i arranged for 11:30 -.-

just now went to see chinese physician... its realli cool. his whole office onli got fans.. cos air con not healthy mah. he also used a combination of modern technology and dunno wad techniques.. but his flashlight to look down ur nose and throat all no battery.. he uses modern machinery to measure ur blood pressure but puts the stethoscope (how u spell it?) at ur upper arm when he is taking ur blood pressure (dunno for wad) and the way he takes height and weight.. mass parallex error. my weight almost became 51kg lor lol.. and he smashes the weighing scale arnd and measures ur height using measuring tape. lolol.

but he is seriously veri pro. hahah im supposedly stressed and dun drink enuf water. and my sis is so skinny cos she gets irritated before mealtimes and loses her appetite. lolol.

but the most expected thing.. just now i had to take the medicine. its so bitter u can CRY. even if u dilute it and add sugar its still bad. lol. well.. onli 6 more days... 0.0


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