Friday, September 23, 2005

hey. heres a short snippet of my life in the midst of exam mugging.

after physics remedial, the big grp of us go patronise the yoghurt-ice cream thingy shop to get some ice cream. hahah mine rocked.. but the rest of theirs hu ordered weird combos (like fruits and chocolate chip cookie hahah marcus) got some weird tasting stuff.

after reaching home and eating my lunch, i decided to go cut hair instead of going tml cos tml i want to study. i check my wallet and i had exactly $11.20. enuf for one hair cut and one bubble tea ^^

today i got my hair cut by the only male hairdresser at clementi EC house. he rox la. super pro. can cut my hair the way i want it and not freak out cos hes not doing it within the 10 minute limit.

after that i go to the bubble tea stall at clementi and order honey dew sago. while waiting for them to prepare the stuff, we notice a blind man tapping the floor with his cane, and saying 'hello, hello' in quite a loud voice. so means he needs help lah. i dint want to go help him yet.. cos still must collect my drink wad.

until he walked to the edge of the stairs (and was tapping precariously at air). so no choice i dont wait for my drink and went to help him. i ask him wad help he needs and he says he needs to go to the terminal for 173 so i bring him there. on the way there he asks if i have any money for him to take the bus. at first i say i had no money.. but in the end i gave him $1. i read a newspaper article on how u can help blind pple, and one of them is that if your bus comes first u can ask someone to take over your responsibility of helping him to the bus so i ask a lady in the queue if she cud help him. to my horror she mouthed in a veri soft voice, something along the lines of 'i have seen him quite often and am quite fed up of him'. i dint hear the whole thing but i did hear 'fed up'. she also told me that he cud see a bit in one eye. after that she moved to the back of the queue to avoid him.

i cudnt take it anymore so i left him when i decided that he cud make it to the bus on his own. i went to stand at the 165/7 terminal and im glad i saw him off on the bus, so in other words he got on the bus safely.

you may think that i would be happy cos i did the textbook thing of helping a blind person. but i felt super down. i jus sat on the bus playing handphone and thinking about this. its like.. helping him to the bus stop wasnt the most hip thing u can do in public already.. u leave your order to help somebody and end up somebody else at the bus stop cudnt care less. its realli sad. and a few times the thought crossed my mind that he cud have cheated me of my money. i was so sad i just pangsehed the bubble tea stall, even tho i noe they wud have given me the drink without asking me to pay.

so overall it looks foolish rite? wad i did was stupid rite? hahah i think you were probably laffing through half of my entry.
but u never noe. are u living the christian life every day?
wad if someone who knew you were a christian was watching you.. to see what you would do.
wad if the blind man was an angel sent from God?
you may think no one sees. but God does.


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