Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ahhh!! tml is release of mep prelim results. but i heard that we need to do a practice paper first b4 we get back our results :( i think i have returned all my music knowledge back to my notes.

its onli 7 more days to the exams and i think my learning curve has sort of reached its peak.. and it looks like its ready to fall but i shall prevent that from happening as much as possible. lol im talking crap. but anyways wads most impt now is that i do my best by MY standards. thanks yingda for reminding me.

in 3 days time, this yrs guitar orchestra will meet together one last time officially as guitar orchestra 2005. hmm i realli wonder wad nxt yr will be like wif no more jun jie lame jokes, super-on dun hao and shane. lol. and ms ng wants us to wear blazer on friday.

yeap yeap tts all. cya


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