Monday, September 06, 2004

tooday's mood: HAPPY

heyhey.. today was a fun day!!! altho pat soo's 3h tys session wasnt too pleasing in the morning, after that we all six pple came my hse: bren, yingda, yo, marcus low and shersern. played table tennis for 1h... super fun haha.. cos we all abt the same standard, so fun to play.

later in the aft this joshua lim guy came to my hse to prac duet... (does that answer ur qn lui).. and yes hes how pro. we could sort of make it to the end after 1.5h of prac.. onli thing stopping us was turning the page -.- but nt bad lah.. all u second inst players out there look out.. here comes the onli guitar duet!! haha. but i realli owe a lot to joshua lim.. hes nt even taking the exam and could have easily jus ditched my piece and not prac.. but he even called me up to arrange the prac... amazing haha. reminder: hes sec 1. his piano is grade 7, theory grade 6 (same as me -.-), and can play 2 grade 6 pieces, as well keep up a steady tremelo. wow. hmm.. lets recall wad i did in sec 1... like... learn 1 ensemble piece called amazing grace? yeah. lucky mr choo came at the end of that yr.. if nt i would still be piano grade 4 and theory 5 now. haha.

yay... i actually enjoyed today!! goal fulfilled... but does that mean i'm gonna start work jus yet? haha.. prob nt. chinese can wait until like... friday. i'm sure all of u wanna have a bit of fun in this 1 wk 'break' to rite.. so.. have fun!!! cyaz


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