Thursday, September 02, 2004

today's mood: ok too i guess

taking a break from doing LA(B) (perverted) poem assignemnt now... nxt yr i'll make sure i keep thursdays free.. cos friday is the due date for like.. all major assignements.

heres an update of the usual boring stuff that goes on in sch. iso.. blah. chem.. blah. chinese test.. :'( physics.. *snore* PC.. cant wait to go home. st johns meeting.. i noe already larh jus let me go home!!!

So happens that rain starts pouring the moment i leave the school gate... as in a complete storm. when the bus comes, its stopped raining already -.- could have jus walked to buona. 3:30 reach home super pissed. later i pretended to be to tired to get out of bed to try to go for tuition.. haha. got an extra 1/2 h of nap then went for okok theory class. and here i am trying to figure out this sicko's poem. gd luck to me wif pod too. happy hols, everybody, or whatever u have of them left.


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