Saturday, September 04, 2004

today's mood: ok lah.

i dunno.. i'm looking forward to sundays yet i nt realli looking forward to them. AGI.. why.. 3-7 of both sundays.. and there are rumours of a walkathon too... why cant this jus fade away... so much for.. nvm.

today's crime watch fair was... haha the same senior staff sergeant guy hu came to our sch to do the toks everytime came to our church... lol. at least tis time nt as boring as last time.. more willing to crack jokes haha.

i wish the sch rules in the diary would state how to quit a cca... would be so much easier if i were in smth else, or maybe nth at all. i realli dun need st johns now.. and ponning everything to quit isnt an option unless u want demerits. haix.. i guess i jus have to go thru this and wait for happier days (after ROD).


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