Wednesday, September 01, 2004

today's mood: ok i guess

boring day. woke up at 8 this morning and wrote 2 sentences for LA(B) and watched tv the whole morning. lolz last nite Joshua Lim my sec 1 accompanist for my guitar duet called me... when it shud have been the other way round.. lol. he's so ON. oops sorry guys i agreed to monday 3pm to practice, so i cant go out wif u all if u all are planning to go out.

aft sleep again.. wake up read brendan's essay for me.. nobody can write a perfect essay lah.. secured 4 chaps of chinese and studied 10 chengyu and here i am now writing crap on my blog.. heheh. oh yeah i jus found out the name of the song for the open hse's scene where tricia receives the rose... its called 'Only Love' by Trademark. anybody has it pls send to me :P

still got another 3 chaps of chinese to go. wish me luck. happy teachers day.


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