Sunday, September 12, 2004

today's mood: not happy yet

i dunno... but i dun care... (wad am i toking) i wanna go to sleep a happy person tonite.

jus came back from agi... say no more... stand for 45 minutes... enuf.

hmm... heres my reflection for this hols. i basically spent a great deal of time doing wad i always wanted to do during march and june hols: nothing. i realli wasted my hols away... merely jus finishing up all the hol hw thats all (oh no iso). dint realli go out... cos everybody else is studying.... and so happens i'm nt. oh well... that means 'conformism'... anyway its time to start studying cos exam starts in 3 wks time, which obviously is nt a lot of time.

today's lesson in church... Uncle Adrian's lesson realli woke me up... this period of time... i've been going thru quite a spiritual low... nvr spend enuf time on God's word... jus playing guit all day long :( Uncle Adrian's lesson was abt the 'inner man'... nt the outer man which a lot of us are veri gd at developing. hm... a lot of things that i thot are impt fall under 'outer man'. heres the confession: i thot knowledge, physical appearance, and popularity were veri impt. but they all fall under the cat of 'outer man'. how to develop inner man? constant prayer. i noe this will nt be easy for any of us, or myself. but i encourage everybody to engage in this. heres when church frens come in... they provide support that some sch frens jus cannot.

as the hols come to an end... jus wanna enjoy the last day. i'm realli gonna start picking up the pace, occasionally showing up to blog once in a while... ytd dint blog for the first time in veri long.. lol. realli must stop using com so much liao.... interupting studies. ok then, to everybody having exams now, study hard!!! but do not forget God. cyaz~


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