Saturday, September 25, 2004

today's mood: happy

today... i shall classify mep exam as one of those 'i dun wanna tok abt it cos it will affect my mood' sorta stuffs. come back.. heyhey.. bored so change guitar strings (again). jus the bass strings onli... the trebles from that same pack wore out within a day.. so -.- but these basses are ultra nice... it has amazing sustainablilty power (or wadeva u call it) haha. i think its probably jus low tension.. but i like it :)

intentional 1h nap turned 3h.. dunno why but when i cant sleep i jus get even more pissed and want to sleep even longer.. ok that was lame but yeah. sleep is realli a prob for me.. if onli sch started at 9 instead of so early.. haha. k after that woke up to study 3 chaps of chinese, then go out to adam road food centre for dinner.. now heres one of the rare occasions where i tok abt food hehe. everything there is gargantuan.. at normal prices. food is realli gd too. the chicken cutlet i ordered... all jus squished onto 1 plate. if u put it flat out prob need 2 plates.. haha. kk thats all for today then.. cya guyz


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