Friday, September 03, 2004

today's mood: blah-ish

so today wasnt the end of all my homework assignment sorrows... pod extention till monday, when we come back for fizzix remedial. HAIX 2 rejected drafts. after countless hours of thought. onli 1 tick in each draft, with giant circles and Why?s and Who?s. feeling sad.. i gonna redo it now, jus in pure sincere simple language. hu cares if it doesnt sound filosophyical.

tmls going to be a rest day for me. jus stay at home then aft go church for some crime watch thingy. sunday. haix. both afternoons gone. silly AGI.. haix. 3-7. hu wouldnt be sad.. somemore there are rumours that everybody faints in this sorta thing.

oh well.. jus can look forward to church. i dun realli have the option of argueing with the st johns pple. quitting isnt realli an option.. cos i got no reason to. jus feeling a bit down now.. with pod stuffs and all the stress.


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