Sunday, September 19, 2004


today's mood: happy

yeah... today was a day wif a lot of highs and lows. yeah... i shall nt mentioned wad happened b4 11am today. ok... church. yeah it was cold, i was hungry. lol. but uncle Lee Hock's lesson wasnt too bad. now i need to seriously rethink my life again. aft church nth much. went home to sleep cos got headache. wake up still got headache (now still got). go for guit lesson (yay my father drove me for the first time!!!) no 1h bus ride there and back. yeah... we jus realised our duet is in pieces after 2 weeks of no practice (lol). hmm.. dunno how to find time to prac again. wed is mep solo guit prac... shud be quite ok except for the challenge of getting my guit to the examination hall in 1 piece. the case the guy sold me cant lock!!! i want refund. :P

well today was generally ok. jusneed to take life a step at a time. hope ya all like my new blog skin!!!


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