Thursday, September 09, 2004

sg idol!!!

today's mood: suddenly HAPPY

sg idol performance: -.- *snore.

sg idol results show: now thats something to write abt.

where shud i start... haha. so cool. ok b4 news 5 tonite i was like... -.- cos i was barely trying to stay awake. then after toking to ZQ decided to drag myself back to watch. the results show is the fun part where all the fake singing and fake personalities fade away. ok. grp 3 winners. 10 / 2 = 5. 2 guys (hu everybody thot wudnt make it) and 3 gals (hu everybody thot wud make it). Latoya London and Jennifer Hudson repeat man. the 2 guys and 1 girl got in. in my opinion, if u ask pple to pay 50c to vote, u arent gonna get a veri fair vote. cheapo s'poreans wud happily jus say.. oh that person is surely gonna win, so i dun vote. must vote for the person hu might nt get enuf votes. heyhey results come out... everybody gets pissed.

ok enuf abt pple politics... down to gurmit. hes some super cool guy hu can replace ryan seacrest. he has some amazing ability to create tension in a already super tense atmosphere. he purposely stall the result for the last wildcard until Beverly cried... lol so bad. but realli gurmit is veri gd to host the show :)

ok enuf enuf... i think u all going blind from my font liao.. so gd nite!!!


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