Saturday, September 18, 2004

day 6.... i need a break

today's mood: pretty bad... :( i need to cheer up

woke up half dead today at 7am to go to a half dead physics lesson. 11:30 - 2pm nap dint help. ok well at least fizzix was beneficial... actually understood heat capacity. i honestly dun believe chem is that hard to study... slugging the whole afternoon over acids salts and bases... and up to now i havent finished!!! dunno... jus been super depressed today.... going out wif family isnt that fun anymore... half the time in the car is spent hearing argueing. oh yeah... my sis takes 1 min to buy her shoes.. i take 1h.

thats nt the end of the story... my nails.... too short!! :( mep prac is nxt wk. ok enuf complaining (oh did i mention my headache?)

i think i need a break lah... even guitar is becoming stressful. then tml 6:50 must go school for spasticated st johns walkathon. on top of that my brain is telling me 'study, study, study', then the other half is telling me 'NOOO i will get tired'. (maybe thats the cause for my headache) i think i will take the nite off... redesign blog. how bout that. cyaz.


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