Friday, September 17, 2004

day 5 *yawn

today's mood: erh....

ok today was jus... how bout u all play guess the mood.
morning. marcus lim brought a cute little acoustic guit.. so cool.. the steel strings were quite smooth... could play wif no prob :P so cute. then i sorta destroyed my own gd mood by talking crap during ihs. haix feel so regretful now. realli.. first i tok a lot of crap during other pples presentation then i tell elaine lee to give extra marks to the grp hu presents on tues (in front of 3.14 as well) but... at first nobody wanted to present la... then i suggested... now its realli going to happen, and brendan doesnt want to present on tuesday. so someones going to get extra marks cos of my suggestion... haix this is jus plain DUMB. sorry brendan, we will present on friday in the comfort of our own class. we will still get gd marks, k? now jus study hard.

jus now was playing guit.. 2 days nvr prac and my nails have grown too long so i spent 1h filing it in the aft... and my standard oso went down :( now must do 2 things: improve standard and get used to new nail shape. wow. exam on wed. gotta mug now cya guyz.


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