Wednesday, September 15, 2004

day 3

today's mood: ok i guess

i noe i shud be studying now... but i wanna blog!! haha

haha i'm a bit disappointed that i failed to catch the last bit of a documentary called animal face-off on discovery... its this realli cool show where they analyse data from 2 animals and put them in a com situation combat. todays one was sperm whale and collosal squid!!! my favourite... marine bio mysteries... i dunno why but i like to watch stuff on deep sea creatures haha.

oh well... blog entries shud be getting shorter and shorter (better for ur eyes rite) well heres one thing i like abt my blog... if u completely run out of other pples blog entries to read, u can be assured of 1 blog entry from me (almost) everyday :P seeyaz


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