Tuesday, September 14, 2004

day 2

today's mood: ok larh

today was the second day of exam mugging. so far so good... ytd made notes for 1st 5 chaps of chem. today finished majority of ihs oral presentation. the thing i'm scared abt is that i get too carried away... i dun want a nervous breakdown :P

ok lets see... nth much these 2 days... today had guit lesson... mr choo said that try to complete diploma b4 army (thats nt a lot of time). so that means i would have gone from nothing to dip in wad... 6 yrs? stress man. well remember the story of the clock hu suffered a nervous breakdown? no? ok... his maths so happened to be veri gd la... and he takes 2 ticks of his pendulum to move 1s. so he wanted to count the number of ticks he would need to keep himself running for: 1 min, 1h, 1 day, 1 year, etc. obviously the number so big... so he suffered nervous breakdown -.- so the moral of the story is take 1 day at a time. Nicholas lesson on sunday: keep God at the centre of ur planning.

thx for dropping by... u shud be studying now :P have fun. cyaz


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