Sunday, September 26, 2004

a boy was staying with his grandma.
one day, when the boy came back home from school, his grandma said to him, "Your teacher called me and told me that you have taken some things belonging to your friends that are nt urs. dun do it again." the boy nodded.

the next day, his grandma tells him once again that he has taken things not belonging to him. this happens for the next few days. until 1 day, his grandma can take it no more. using one of her tongs, she takes out a piece of charcoal from the fireplace. she tells him, "the next time you do it, i will make you hold this piece of charcoal and count the number of times you have stolen something." the boy shuddered and nodded.

three weeks later, the incident repeated itself. this time, his grandma reached into the fireplace with the tongs and pulled out a small piece of red-hot charcoal.

"open your hand."

the boy pleaded with his grandma over and over. he cried and shouted until he finally conceded. he shut his eyes tight and stretched out his palm, waiting for the burning sensation. when the charcoal didn't come, he opened his eyes to see his grandma grasping the piece of charcoal in her own hand, stifling the pain from the burning piece of coal. the boy shouted out for her to stop, but she wouldnt.

the boy wouldnt have learnt his lesson if his grandma did not take the pain for him. that was the only way.

hope ya can see the connection =) have a gd week.


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