Sunday, September 05, 2004


today's mood: happy

agi... the name of the game is to stand and wait and try to survive, then jus comply wif all their commands and ur ok. hope the weather nxt sun will be as gd as today.. nice and cool

more imptantly, todays lesson in church. controlling the tongue doesnt jus apply for speech, now it applies for writing and msn too. and blogs. that was one of todays subtopics. the way i write my blogs mus change. it isnt a small diary wif a lock to it.. the lock has now been taken away and everybody can read it... this has gd parts and bad parts. so, i aim to change the way i write and the stuff i write abt. of course theres lots of temptations to write about things that dun go my way and pple hu do stuff that i dun like... must realli watch wad i write... does it reflect a Christian lifestyle? something to aim towards. it wont be an immediate process, but one that takes time.

fizzix remedial 8-12 tml, then some duet prac.. ok nt so bad.. have a happy hols pple!! cya


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