Thursday, September 30, 2004

argh!!! i think i jus found some sorta dandruffish stuff on the keyboard. arhHH!!

today's mood: can say ok larh

yeah... hi again. i'm always doing controversal stuff right before exams. like blogging and using the com the day b4 ur chem paper.

well wad can i say? a blog wouldnt be complete without stories of muggations.. right? and people need to rest larh... u cant go on studying non stop 24- 7. well at least i cant. ok heres the update on me... honours day today... merit award for guitar. tuition in the aft... then jus slacking i guess.. i think i've studied chem pretty well... jus need to do a little bit more later. i havent been blogging anything meaningful lately, so... here goes. also need to turn the language arts mode on... cant write a lit essay wif a chemistry filled brain right? =P

today i wanna tok abt ur experience during the last few academic lessons b4 the exams. its onli 1 wk to the exams and the teachers are rushing to complete the syallabi. (chinese especially) but today i got some funny feeling... like a feeling that i will miss the days of fooling around in class.. getting pissed at the amt of hw teachers give... lolz. hmm... heres some thoughts put together: last LA(B) lesson... final revision on impressions and feelings. last c maths lesson... work in grps to try to solve stuff (hey mdm u nvr tell me how to solve tt qn on inequalities yet). last chinese lesson... also the veri last subject lesson b4 the 1st paper tml... revise ying yong wen format. actually all our teacher quite poor thing... chionging us like mad... then jus helplessly watch us sit thru the exams. and make stupid errors everywhere. lol. yeah... i guess i will miss the days b4 the mugging. the 1500 word essay days... the project days...

i'll miss them for 2.5 months. but i'm looking forward to those 2.5 months. heres wad install for me: restoration of relationships with church frens that have broken down during this sch term... restoration of my relationship with God, further improvement of guitar skills, but new guitar... lolz.

heheh... make myself happy writing abt this stuffs... but now must concentrate on the present task.. well cyaz.


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