Wednesday, September 29, 2004

another acsi horliday

today's mood: happy

well.. if u think i'm wasting my time blogging... a diary wouldnt be complete without records of studying exams, rite? u nvr noe, maybe sumday this blog wud become a historical document.. lol. pple need to rest too... dun tell me u spend every waking hour of ur day studying... i would explode lorh...

well.. thanx to Drong for the 4th acsi holiday this yr.. give us more time to study... yeah. my studying mode is finally turned on... finished the chem syllabus today.. jus need to practice practice practice. i oso unconsciously almost finished studying the core maths syllabus.. cos there was a revision paper wif 52 qns... in my opinion thats too little compared to a maths, but that was almost the entire syallabus. and i've got abt 30 done!!! yay.

jus now was also reading thru ihs notes... its realli silly lah... its like studying last year's geog and hist combined tog... haha. gave up halfway on types of societies notes. well... dunno wad i shud do now... maybe jus study chinese... or physics...... or more chem -.- such a dilemma.

9 days to end of exams... 2 days to 1st paper. cya


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