Thursday, September 23, 2004

1 week left... or has it already begun...

today's mood: yahyah happy

today was a day.

iso... i like the lame jokes on statistics... heres one:

1 phycist, 1 chemist and 1 statistician are working in the same office. suddenly a waste paper basket catches fire.
phycist calculates how much water is needed to put out the fire (or smth liddat) chemist calculates oxidation of state of oxygen used to feed fire (or smth liddat).

the statistician sets the rest of the wastepaper baskets in the office on fire.
"needs a wider range of samples" to figure out the problem.

second ultimate joke of the day... an anonymous presentation of physics - save and safe electricity.

how to stay safe from electricity:
1. dun stand under a tree near power lines when its raining.
2. dun build treehouses in trees near power lines
3. if u see a tree growign near power lines ask an adult to chop it down
4. even if u see a fallen tree near powerlines, get it removed. cos its dangerous

wah jus now jus studied mep for 1h straight... brain is nt working well... non western music is getting more and more complicated... still havent touched western.. a whole lot more for sat. yeah.. thats all for now. hope u had a gd laf. if u are still reading my blog, u shud be studying now (unless ur a sec 4 hu jus finished ur prelims and taunting others hus exams are already starting.. lol) have a nice life.


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